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LED is a kind of around the electrical energy directly into light energy of a solid-state light source.

In recent years, the LED in lighting engineering are more and more applications, one of the most typical product is LED lights, now has a lot of lamps and lanterns of enterprises are to carry on the design and development of LED lamps and lanterns, various types of LED lighting lamps and lanterns has into the market of lamps and lanterns, LED street light is more faster to enter the market and wisdom.

Leds are considered to be the most valuable new light source of the 21st century, with significant advantages over other light sources.

At the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the most noticeable thing was the extensive use of LED technology. LED lighting decorated the entire opening ceremony and created a dazzling effect. Since then, LED has been widely used in various fields.After the epidemic, smart LED street lamps entered our market at a faster speed.

During the epidemic in China, the street lamps in some areas were not bright, which seriously affected the epidemic prevention and control work. However, the street lamps were checked and maintained in many places, which showed the importance of street lamps to our lives.If smart street lamps are used, they can not only achieve network coverage nearby, facilitate charging of electric cars and mobile phones, enhance security, detect the environment, push consultation and so on.

At present, 5G smart LED street lamps have been installed in some areas, which can be charged by covering 5G network nearby. During the epidemic, roads in many communities were closed.

This smart LED street lamp solved the problem that many car owners had difficulty in charging.In the future life, intelligent street lamps will be arranged

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